Our new Comédie

In 2020, we will move from Boulevard des Philosophes to the Eaux-Vives district. Together, we will pave the way for a historical change in the cultural life of the city. All this begins right now with the programme for our first season!


The 2018-19 season is a sign of things to come. We will make full use of the place that we will be leaving soon. We will get to know you through our artistic projects as well as over a drink before and after the shows. We have thought up this season for you. This house of artists is also yours.


In 2019-20, we will direct our second season at Boulevard des Philosophes. We will embrace the future while taking care to fondly remember past giants – a playful au revoir before moving to the beautiful glass house of the theatre that has been dreamt of for more than twenty years by Association pour la Nouvelle Comédie, which gathers together passionate professionals.


In 2020-21, we will have moved! We will continue writing the story of the city together by opening the new Comédie de Genève in the Eaux-Vives district, next to the canton’s second station, and offering many more artistic projects in a 21st-century theatre. Are you ready for the future? It all begins now!

NKDM / Natacha Koutchoumov et Denis Maillefer