Coming to life with you Daddy, and sitting on your shoulders

14 - 15 sept 2019 | Grande salle | Durée : 1h45

nos parents

Pascal Rambert

In association with La Bâtie-Festival de Genève

Fifteen young actors and actresses speak about their youth, their parents, their transition to adulthood, at an age where childhood is not too far away. A constructed/deconstructed fiction based on the protagonists’ written accounts. Nothing is real, everything is reinvented, Rambert tells us.

“Because it’s impossible not to project one’s own life onto these fifteen biographies, so real and yet so fictive. Because this wonderfully crafted show rightly embodies our motto, ‘writing our history’, i.e. mine, his, hers, ours, unique and shared, personal and collective.” NKDM


Infos pratiques

Duration: 1h45
Rates: from CHF 10 to CHF 40
Recommended age: 14+

In addition:
– Appetiser: Saturday, 30 min before the beginning of the show

Featuring: Coline Bardin, Davide Brancato, Estelle Bridet, Arianna Camilli, Azelyne Cartigny, Guillaume Ceppi, Anastasia Fraysse, Aurélien Gschwind, Mathilde Invernon, Agathe Lecomte, Antonin Noël, Martin Reinartz, Elsa Thebault, Gwenaëlle Vaudin, Adèle Viéville
Staging & choreography assistant: Nina Negri
Choreography, space, lighting & costumes: Pascal Rambert
Voice coach: Francine Acolas
Lights design: Ian Lecoultre
Production: Comédie de Genève
Coproduction: La Bâtie-Festival de Genève; La Manufacture – University of Performing Arts of Western Switzerland
Sponsors: Fondation Jan Michalsky; Domaine Musique & Arts de la scène HES-SO