Screaming in the rain, the absence and the void

30 aug - 07 sept 2019 | Grande salle | Durée : 1h

Perdre son sac

Pascal Rambert / Denis Maillefer

In association with La Bâtie-Festival de Genève

In the street, a young woman, temporarily working as a window cleaner, addresses passers-by to tell them about her loneliness, her anger, her lost lover and her inability to understand a world that some deem divided between the haves and the have-nots. A text custom-designed for actress Lola Giouse. The author, Pascal Rambert, is a French contemporary writer who composes texts shaped by and for the actors and actresses who perform them.

“We like Pascal Rambert’s writing. His flow of raw yet organised words, his classical yet contemporary French language, his unique voice in French-speaking theatre, cousin/daughter to Racine and Koltès. Here, we were touched by his political poetry which addresses the marginality and pain of those who feel left out of the great race for social and economic success in our capitalist societies. More intimately, Perdre son sac showcases a loud cry for love in the void.” NKDM


Infos pratiques

Duration: 1h
Rates: from CHF 10 to CHF 40
Recommended age: 14+

In addition:
– Appetisers: Fridays and Saturdays, 30 min before the beginning of the show
– Bord plateau: Thu 5 Sept, after the show
– Saturday at any price: 31 Aug 21:00
Available only at the ticket office on the day of the performance from 12:00. Unnumbered seats.

Featuring: Lola Giouse
Artistic collaboration: Cédric Leproust
Lighting: Laurent Junod
Scenography: Les Ateliers du  Colonel - Laurent Junod & Marie Bürgisser-Jaquier
Sound: Philippe de Rham
General stage manager: Frederico Ramos Lopes
Body coach: Géraldine Chollet
Tap-dance coach: Joszef Trefeli
Costumes: Anna Van Brée
Production: Comédie de Genève
In association with: La Bâtie - Festival de Genève

For blind and visually impaired people, tactile visits of the set are scheduled on Wednesday 4 and Friday 6 Sept 2019, 1 hour before the beginning of the show, in association with Dire Pour Voir. 

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