Comédie virtuelle

Gilles Jobin

Visiting, dreaming, getting lost in the hallways

The new Comédie at Eaux-Vives will open its doors in September 2020. However, in April, Gilles Jobin will invite us to penetrate the bustling building, walk around, open doors and discover artists at work, and penetrate spaces that are usually closed to the public – rehearsal spaces, manufacturing and costumes workshops – all this in virtual reality.

“As in VR_I, a virtual reality performance featured at La Comédie last season, the Geneva choreographer doesn’t stop at the wow factor of the technological prowess, inventing instead a full-blown language that turns this immersive discovery of La Comédie’s new building into an artwork in itself. It’s both documentary and fiction. It’s truly fake… or the other way around.” NKDM


More informations in January 2020

Infos pratiques

Hors les murs

Recommended age: 8+

Artistic Director: Gilles Jobin 

Deputy Director: Susana Panadés Diaz 

Lead 3D artist: Tristan Siodlak 

Head of Production: Camilo De Martino