13 - 14.05.2017
Inspired by James Joyce's Ulysses
par l'Atelier-Théâtre Emmet
Spectacle en anglais
Rendez-vous | SPECTACLE

L'Atelier-Théâtre Emmet du Département d'anglais de l'Université de Genève présente à la Comédie du 13 au 14 mai "Nightown", un spectacle en anglais inspiré par le célèbre "Ulysse" de James Joyce.

We are at the Mabbot Street entrance to Nighttown, the name Joyce gave to Dublin’s brothel quarter. Two British soldiers, Private Carr and Private Compton, make their way into the area. They are followed by a very drunk Stephen… Bloom is at the Talbot Street side of Nighttown. He has lost sight of Stephen…

Thus begins the action of the fifteenth chapter of James Joyce’s Ulysses. Meandering through hallucinated visions and hauntings from the past, bursting with sexual innuendoes and subversive political passions, Nighttown attempts the impossible: bringing Joyce’s crackling language to the stage by blending action with video animations, live camera work, and voices from beyond the grave, in a wild waltzing evening where Bloom and Stephen finally come to meet, and care for each other, at the heart of Joyce dizzying labyrinth.


Adam Bunzl, Johanna Di Dio, Krista Kaufmann, Almuth Klingner, Xi Li, Jia Liu, Caroline Martin, Inès Moubachir, Natania Prezant, Jason Schiavi and Diana Yol

Adaptation and stage direction
Nicholas Weeks

Sébastien Graz

Graphic animations
Lucas Oettli

Video camera
Nirina Imbach

La Comédie de Genève
English Department — UNIGE

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