Becoming oneself, a poetic work in itself

09 oct 2019 - 28 march 2020 | Hors les murs


Yan Duyvendak

This is not a show, it is a performance. A performance in which you are the hero, or rather the anti-hero, a performance in the public domain, an… invisible performance. invisible sends you, the people, into a café, a train or a shop for a tiny intervention. With several people, you create a small situation, nothing serious, nothing illegal, but a premeditated situation that reveals what you might not have seen. You become both the initiator and the viewer of this small, almost invisible situation. The viewer of a subtle disruption, a legal yet oh so exciting disturbance, which only you know the origin of.

The aim of the game belongs to you, enabling you to pay close attention to what lies around you and to observe the fluctuation between what you feel and the potential impact rippling around you. Then, since this is indeed a game, you can play with the rules: seeking to enhance or reduce the impact of your actions on your surroundings and thinking about how that feels. The intensity of the events vary from powerful to almost nothing…

– Upon arrival, you receive instructions for three actions which you will perform later. These instructions contain the description of the actions to be carried out, a report on the experience of other people who invented and tried them out in Lausanne in Switzerland, Groningen in the Netherlands, Goa in India and Belgrade in Serbia. What may be invisible in Goa is not necessarily so in Groningen!
– You act in small groups of eight to twelve people in permanent contact on WhatsApp.
– Four programmes with a minimum of three different actions each are provided. Hence, you can come back another time and choose a different programme!
– Remember to take your reading glasses to read the instructions for your actions, as well as appropriate clothing. Participation implies the use of WhatsApp, so please remember to charge your smartphone beforehand. If you do not have a smartphone, we have a few available.
– Total duration: approx. three hours.

“Act and watch yourself act. Observe the tiny, almost invisible chaos created: a delicate – and delightful disturbance – in the order of things that creates, for a short instant, a certain poetry of the absurd. Yan Duyvendak’s poetic strength paints our daily life with unexpected colours.” NKDM

Yan Duyvendak is the winner of the Swiss Grand Award for Theatre / Anneau Hans Reinhart 2019.


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Hors les murs
Flat rate: CHF 12
Recommended age: 14+

Be careful, places are limited!

Author: Yan Duyvendak 
Authors scores 1 to 6: Delphine Abrecht, Claire Astier, Rémi Dufay, Claire Perret, Jean-Daniel Piguet 
Authors scores 7 to 12: Yan Duyvendak, Monica Hofman, Merel Kotterer, Jaana van Vliet, Marian van Voorn, Karijn van der Wijk, Mark Yeoman, Milan van der Zwaan 
Authors scores 13 to 16: Kiran Bhandari, Rea Burman, Yan Duyvendak, Ariedon Gomes, Wency  Mendes, Grana Velencia Methalaka, Phoebe Marisa Pereira, Keith Peter, Parvathi Ramanathan,  Daphne de Souza, Pitambari Zosalkar 
Graphic design: Rémi Dufay, Luke Archer 
Video documentation: David Daurier 
Management: Marine Magnin 
International development: Judith  Martin - Ligne Directe 
Production and communication: Charlotte Terrapon 
Production: Dreams Come True, Geneva 
Coproduction: Comédie de Genève ; Grand Theater / Norderzoon – Groningen ; Arsenic - Centre d'art scénique contemporain ; Pro Helvetia New Delhi ; Serendipity Festival, Goa ; Staying here with you – Belgrade 
Sponsors: Ville de Genève; République et Canton de Genève; Pro Helvetia – Swiss Arts Council; Fondation suisse des artistes interprètes (SIS); Loterie Romande; Fondation Ernst Göhner