Dance to disco and laugh with nostalgia

16 - 20 dec 2019 | Grande salle | Durée : 1h30

Sorry, do the tour. Again!

Marco Berrettini

Almost twenty years after its creation, choreographer Marco Berrettini stages one of his major works again. Sorry, do the tour. Again! stages a marathon disco dance competition and very freely takes inspiration from John Cassavetes’ film Opening Night. The show features the disco music that the choreographer listened to throughout his teenage years.

“We could expect just about anything from a contemporary choreographer who was Germany’s Disco Dancing Champion in his youth –laugh, recognise oneself, see the passing of time, seize the full absurdity of daily life. We’ve laughed so hard and have been so troubled by Berrettini’s shows. So now we’re featuring an already cult show. The dancers in the production have aged a little, but we’ll wager that they haven’t settled down.” NKDM


Three Relax evenings are offered for this show:
– tuesday 17 december 7.30 pm
– wednesday 18 december 7.30 pm
– thursday 19 december 7.30 pm

A Relax show provides a welcoming and relaxed environment that enables everyone to express their emotions without fear or constraints. Here, the codes of a show are more flexible. These representations offer a welcoming and reassuring context for people with autism, multiple disabilities, mental disabilities, Alzheimer’s, as well as parents with young children.

Infos pratiques

Duration: 1h30
Rates: from CHF 10 to CHF 40
Recommended age: 12+


In addition:
– Appetisers: Tuesday & Friday, 30 min before the beginning of the show
– Bord plateau: Thu 19 Dec, after the show
– Fête disco : Fri 20 Dec, after the show


Featuring: Marco Berrettini, Jean-Paul Bourel,  Natan Bouzy, Bryan Campbell, Ruth Childs, Simon Crettol, Marion Duval, Bruno Faucher, Chiara Gallerani, Milena Keller

Artistic direction: Marco Berrettini 

Lighting, scenography and stage management: Bruno Faucher 

Administration, promotion: Tutu production - Pauline Coppée 

Production: *MELK PROD.  Tanzplantation 

Coproduction: Comédie de Genève; CND – Centre National de la Danse Pantin; Arsenic - Centre d'art scénique contemporain, Lausanne; Festival d’Automne à Paris; Pôle Sud CDCN – Strasbourg, with the support of the Ministry of Culture and Communication - DRAC Île de France 

Sponsor: Pro Helvetia – Swiss Arts Council

Acknowledgement: École de danse classique de Genève