30 april > 12 may 2019

You are not alone

Raquel André  / Rébecca Balestra  / Tiphanie Bovay-Klameth   /  Audrey Cavelius  / Marion Chabloz  / Pamina de Coulon  / Latifa Djerbi / Cédric Leproust  / Eve-Marie Savelli / Nastassja Tanner  / Trân Tran /

Our first season unfolds between a solo and a Russian play with fourteen actors and actresses. At the heart of it all: the actor’s performance. Because theatre starts with that: A person on stage speaking to a person who is watching. Because before leaving Boulevard des Philosophes, we want to rediscover the theatre’s two small venues and the main one too with original art forms by a generation of exciting artists. They stand alone on stage and risk laying themselves bare.

A single person on stage and our soul is repopulated. A series of shows that explore the notion of identity. From solitude arise armies of characters, buried worlds, imaginary friends and literary ghosts. They make us feel less alone.

Flat rate:
CHF 12 per solo

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