Hearing voices in the dark (the Schmürz?) and laughing

07 - 15 nov 2019 | Grande salle


Jean-Luc Lagarce / Boris Vian / Gian Manuel Rau

Based on Erreur de construction by Jean-Luc Lagarce  and Les Bâtisseurs d'empire ou le Schmürz by Boris Vian


Two major authors of the 20th century, Lagarce and Vian. We are actually celebrating the 60-years anniversary of Vian’s death. A show based on two plays that transcend each other so well that they seem to have been written one for the other, as if in echo. The show begins with Lagarce’s play staged in the form of an underground revue. Lagarce’s characters then slip into their new skin, those of the members of a bourgeois family whose self-disintegration is outlined by Vian. The Schmürz, both human and animal, is the sole survivor. Gian Manuel Rau loves the mischievous precision of both plays: they fit perfectly in his world!

“A collision between two authors which we would not have spontaneously associated. That’s a meeting we’d like to see! Like we’d like to see this Schmürz, an invention by Ursula Vian-Kübler, the writer’s Swiss-German wife. Like a contraction between the word ‘pain’ (Schmerz) and Jarry’s ‘merdre’ , the Schmürz is a strange sound. It’s also a sensation we feel within, a mixture of real danger and guilty conscience, like an imp torturing us. In short, two comedies because there is comedy in Comédie de Genève, right?” NKDM


Infos pratiques

Duration: 2h
Rates: from CHF 10 to CHF 40
Recommended age: 14+


In addition:
– Appetisers: Tuesdays, Fridays & Saturdays, 30 min before the beginning of the show
 Bord plateau: Thu 14 Nov, after the show
– Saturday at any price: 9 Nov 18:00
Available only at the ticket office on the day of the performance from 12:00. Unnumbered seats.

Featuring: Céline Bolomey, Caroline Cons, José Lillo, Marie Ruchat,  Isabelle Vesseron, Edmond Vullioud
Staging assistant: Coralie Vollichard 
Scenography: Anne Hölck 
Lighting: Gian Manuel Rau, Markus Brunn 
Sound: Graham Broomfield 
Costumes: Gwendolyn Jenkins 
Administration for Cie Camastral: Cristina Martinoni 
Production and Promotion Manager for Cie Camastral : Aurélie de Morsier 
Production: Association Le Roseau - Cie Camastral
Coproduction: Comédie de Genève ; Grange de Dorigny 
Sponsor: Loterie Romande