Writing our story

Season 2019-20

Getting out of the house. Going to the theatre. Changing pace, taking a little time for yourself, your digital life set on “airplane mode”. Attending a ceremony, a celebration of sorts. Our ritual, your ritual.

Theatre is so ancient, and yet it is present, always in the present, it requires us to be in the present, which is not always that easy…

Sitting on the roof of La Comédie. Looking ahead. Staring at the future. The horizon so close. Tomorrow we’ll leave this building. Tomorrow we’ll stay together. We’ll stick together. Promise! We’ll take Olga, Macha and Irina, and Miss Julie, Langhoff’s as well as all the Julies from our first season with us. We’ll keep them in mind and forget nothing. Tomorrow we’ll take the ghosts, the sweet ghosts of our memories, our recent as well as older childhood memories in the second-floor balcony into a new setting, to hear and see them louder and better, all these words and movements: that’s where we’re headed together!

So, before we leave, let’s recall the beautiful things of the past and experience this 2019-20 season in the present.

This season echoes the world, revises its classics, and takes others into consideration. Together, we will look at the world and set it to rights.

Setting the world to rights at La Comédie de Genève. Wherever it may lie.

Natacha Koutchoumov & Denis Maillefer / NKDM

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