text: Joël Maillard

22 may - 08 jun 2019


Camille Mermet

Performance at home in French

We invite you to invite them to invite you to yours. Camille Mermet and Aline Papin move in to your apartment one hour before the show.

They perform one at theirs. Then, with a few friends, neighbours and guests, you knock at yours. Actually, at theirs. Because although nothing has changed, everything is different. And then some funny things happen. Some strange sounds, slightly unusual characters. Is this really your place?


Infos pratiques

Performance at home

Would you like to host the show at yours? Call us and we will organise the event! Reservations with Andrea Delley at +41 22 320 50 00 (Monday to Friday from 14:00 to 18:00).

Free admission

45 min

Recommended age:

14 +

Performance: Camille Mermet, Aline Papin

Production team: Stéphane Frein and Cédric Simon