text by Tiago Rodrigues

09 - 12 april 2019 | Grande salle

Sa façon de mourir


In French, Portuguese and Dutch surtitled in French and English

En direct de tg STAN (Live from tg STAN)

There is a before and an after the Stans, as we call them. By returning to the fundamentals of theatre in the 90s, this Flemish collective (two women, two men) brought about a genuine stylistic revolution. Virtuoso actors and actresses, they seize the text and turn it into a score of total freedom, in constant connection with the audience.

Being utterly free, funny and vibrant while respecting the text word for word is the tour de force of this troupe that we have been following like groupies. They are here and now as well as elsewhere, completely in character by being completely themselves. We admire them so much that we are putting on a festival! Three shows like a Map of Tendre…

Sa façon de mourir
text Tiago Rodrigues

Tiago Rodrigues has composed a tailored score for the Stans, a play about Anna Karenina, about the love of literature and about love itself. A meeting of talented people to create a thousand bridges between reality, literature, the present on stage and the characters’ past, in Paris, Lisbon and Antwerp.


Infos pratiques

Main Hall

In French, Portuguese and Dutch surtitled in French and English

From CHF 12 to CHF 40 



Recommended age:

16 + 


Saturday brunch, focus on play acting, 13 April at 11:00

Text by Tiago Rodrigues

Performance Isabel Abreu, Pedro Gil, Jolente De Keersmaeker et Frank Vercruyssen 
Lights and scenography: Thomas Walgrave
Costumes: An D'Huys et Britt Angé

Subtitles: Joana Frazao

Production: tg STAN et Teatro Nacional D. Maria II