The multicultural and multilingual Comédie!

The Comédie de Genève is anchored in the world. Several of this season’s performances will be played in different languages : English, Portuguese, Flemish, Russian and French sign language. With surtitles in French, English or Russian, the Comédie opens its doors to international Geneva.

The Comédie’s new website is now in both French and English.

The following shows will have surtitles in English or Russian:

What if They Went to Moscow ?English surtitles – 29 oct > 3 nov 2018
Language: Portuguese

A stage director talks about her radical vision of a so-called classic play (The Three Sisters), and she does it on the verge of tears (as Chekhov would say in The Cherry Orchard). Christiane Jatahy will offer an experience worthy of Kurosawa’s Rashomon. Live a dual experience, as if you were another person. Change your point of view by passing from theatre to cinema.

три сестры (Three Sisters)English surtitles / Russian surtitles – 17 > 28 janv 2019
Language: Russian sign language, surtitled in French and English every evening, except Saturday, January 19 and Wednesday, January 23, where the surtitles will be in French and Russian.

Because Russian actors are exceptional, because they play as much with their body as with their head, because they breathe and think Chekhov, they are able to transmit the poetry of our favourite author without ever opening their mouth. This is the deafening noise of emotion that will overwhelm you, because virtually no word will be exchanged by these actresses and actors who say everything by saying nothing. 

Sa façon de mourir (The way she dies)English surtitles 9 > 12 avril 2019
Languages: Portuguese, Flemish and English

There is a before and after “The Stans”, as they are called. By returning to the fundamentals of theatre in the 90’s, the Flemish collective (two women, two men) has achieved a true stylistic revolution. Virtuoso actresses and actors, they seize the text and transform it into a score of total freedom, constantly connected with the public.

A wordless performance:
Atelier from 14 to 17 April 2019
A UFO show in the journey of the Flemish collective tg STAN, accessible to all linguistic communities, as there are no words.